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First responders deal with worst-case scenarios on a daily basis. Drone programs are a force multiplier for your incident commander to obtain valuable intel in any environment. From overwatch to gas and radiological detection, drones can do more than just see through smoke and detect hotspots. Protect your teams and get new levels of actionable intel for less than you may think.


Get valuable overwatch capabilities utilizing rapidly deployable drones with flight times over 30 minutes. Establish perimeter monitoring as well as responder team movement from a new perspective.


No matter the situation, there is a drone for the job. The benefits are massive but the packaging does not need to be. As a First Responder, your toolbox is fairly packed. Many drone solutions fit into a small suitcase-sized box. Our experts can help you build the right fleet that fits all your needs, and your toolbox.


No matter the distance, enhance your ability to get the closet picture possible. Drones are capable of carrying lenses with zoom functionality greater than 30X optical and 160 Digital. Search and Rescue is just one of the many fields that benefit from this technology.


The power of FLIR sensors turns your drone solution into a nighttime operations force multiplier. The added functionality of thermal imaging boosts your Search and Rescue operations, hotspot detection, and responder movement when standard vision cameras just don't make the cut.


Mission planning software incorporated into the latest drone systems allows for nearly full automation of drone operations. Get more out of your fleet by setting search patterns and heat detection alarms for quick and intelligent support built right into your fleet. accomplish more intel gathering with less operator dependency and further increase your situational awareness.


Integrated drone programs are more affordable than ever. With so many new options on the market, your fleet can be built specifically to your current needs and grow as those needs change and your budget allows.
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