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Infrastructure inspection.


Agriculture Monitoring &


Site Management.


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AerialVantages is your industry-leading partner for Unmanned Aerial Systems. Featuring the latest in Advanced Imaging Solutions, we proudly support Thermal, LIDAR, Virtual Environment Development, and the latest in High Definition imaging solutions, including 100MP sensors for the most demanding industries. If you have an advanced imaging need then you have come to the right place.


We pride ourselves on our dedication to each of our clients needs and offer a number of solutions for a variety of industries.


  • Public Safety & Law Enforcement
  • Utility & Infrastructure
  • Real Estate & Commercial Marketing
  • Education & Training
  • Equipment Sales & Program Development

Let AerialVantages provide solutions for your business needs today.

With professional solutions for

most industries, we work hard to

tailor each solution directly to the client.


Using the latest in FLIR technology, see the full picture. Hotspots, waterleaks, see through the thickest of smoke clouds. Thermal sensors on UAS provide unlimited potential and actionable data for your and your needs.


Powerline Infrastructure, Wind Turbines, or Roof Damage, visual inspection services completed using UAS technology allows for a safer and faster method of data collection so your team of engineers or evaluators can get the best view possible of your vital assets.


Highlight the prominent features that make your property, business or venue stand out from among the rest. 4K resolution with cinema-grade camera technology, create stunning videos that are stunning and inspiring.


Drone use is growing rapidly for agricultural solutions. Obtain valuable and near-instant actionable data through the deployment of our specialzed drone fleet. Get insight on crop health, nutrient deficiancies, yield projections, pest detection and management and more. Season after season, flight after flight, the actionable data will help your crops and business grow.


We love sharing the world of tomorrow with the minds of today. Our team is ready and equipped with the latest in STEM-based learning projects for robotics and programming. Let us help your organization further advance your STEM program today and together let’s introduce today’s minds to the world of tomorrow.


Our team of professionals are ready to help integrate drone solutions into your organization no matter the industry. Trust the experience our team has to lead you through the steps necessary to get your integrated drone program off the ground today. Training, equipment sales, program development and long term support provide your organization with a one-stop solution for all your needs.


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